Stop Wasting Time and Money on VMware Downtime – Migrate to Scale Computing

Stop Wasting Time and Money on VMware Downtime – Migrate to Scale Computing

Stop Wasting Time and Money on VMware Downtime – Migrate to Scale Computing

Is your business losing time and money due to VMware downtime? You’re not alone – a recent survey found that downtime averaged 34 hours annually, costing organizations thousands in lost revenue and productivity. But you can slash downtime by migrating from VMware to Scale Computing’s leading alternative hypervisor platform.

Migrate Easily with Minimal Downtime

How difficult is migrating VMs from VMware to Scale Computing? It’s not difficult at all! Scale Computing Move enables live migration of Windows and Linux VMs with near-zero downtime. You control the timing of cutover to Scale Computing. For other workloads, Scale Computing’s import tools convert virtual disks from VMDK to our platform’s format. You can also use backup solutions for bare-metal recovery. We even offer complete migration services to do the heavy lifting for you.

No Need to Learn KVM

Although Scale Computing is built on KVM hypervisor technology, you don’t need any KVM expertise. Our “Simplicity Engineered” design means we handle the complex backend – you manage VMs easily through our intuitive interface. No new skills are required!

Slash downtime by 99%

Moving to Scale Computing, you can reduce VMware’s typical 34+ hours of annual downtime to just minutes. Our platform offers built-in redundancy, automated failover, and storage flexibility to keep your VMs running 24/7 with near-zero downtime.

Unified Management Saves Time

You’ll regain hours previously wasted managing VMware’s disjointed components. Scale Computing Unified computing eliminates siloed servers, storage, and backup. Everything is integrated, automated, and accessible from our single pane of glass.

Low TCO, High ROI

Not only does Scale Computing eliminate VMware licensing costs, but we also deliver a remarkably low 3-year TCO of up to 50% less than VMware. Scale Computing delivers a rapid ROI with drastically reduced downtime plus simplified management.

Don’t waste one more minute or dollar on VMware downtime and complexity. Migrate to Scale Computing today for an availability, efficiency, and value VMware just can’t match. Contact us now to start your Scale migration!