Hyopsys And Cynomi Joins Hands For Compliance Readiness

Hyopsys And Cynomi Joins Hands For Compliance Readiness

Hyopsys And Cynomi Joins Hands For Compliance Readiness

Staying on top of compliance can be a real headache for businesses today. With regulations continuously evolving and cyber threats on the rise, it’s tough to keep up without breaking the bank. That’s why the new partnership between Hyopsys and Cynomi,  two powerhouse players, are joining forces to make compliance easy and effective.

The Benefits

By combining Hyopsys’ real-world compliance and security experience with Cynomi’s AI-powered continuous monitoring, this partnership offers many benefits:

  • Risk Assessments: Comprehensive reviews of current cyber risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Audits: Identification of regulatory gaps.
  • Custom Security Policies: Tailored policies based on tech stacks and business needs.
  • Remediation Plans: Prioritized roadmaps to close compliance gaps.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Continuous enhancement and monitoring.
  • Posture Reporting: Progress tracking and industry benchmarking.

The Solution

With complex regulations and limited budgets, compliance strains resources. This partnership provides cost-effective CISO-level guidance scaled to each company’s needs. The experts and AI tools work together to proactively assess, identify gaps, create plans, monitor, and report. This frees up businesses to focus on their core goals with confidence in compliance and security.


Through questionnaires, scans, and audits, Hyopsys and Cynomi provide complete evaluations of risk levels and vulnerabilities. This data informs the tailored plans.


The partners create focused remediation plans outlining priority tasks, their impacts, and clear instructions for execution. The plans act as strategic roadmaps to close compliance gaps.


With ongoing management, the partners monitor progress, adjust strategies, and ensure continuous optimization of cybersecurity postures. Regular tuning keeps compliance readiness on track.


In-depth posture reports track progress over time, highlight improvement trends, and compare benchmarks. The data demonstrates the impact of the partnership in action.


By joining forces, Hyopsys and Cynomi simplify compliance readiness with expert guidance scaled through AI. Businesses can implement robust cybersecurity strategies without diverting excessive resources.