Hyopsys Procures a Hat Trick Win at the Prestigious Philadelphia100® Awards

Hyopsys Procures a Hat Trick Win at the Prestigious Philadelphia100® Awards

We are delighted to announce that we are part of Philly’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies for three consecutive years – 2020, 2021, and 2022. Winning it one time was a defining moment for us. But triumphing three times in a row is a definite testament to the hard work, precision, and dedication we poured into the operations of our company.

We are thrilled to be designated a part of the Philadelphia100® for three years in a row!

About Philadelphia100®

The Philadelphia100® has been the hallmark of entrepreneurial achievement in the Greater Philadelphia Region since 1988. Formed by The Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia and the Wharton SBDC, getting included in this list has since emerged as a benchmark for excellence for every company worth their money.

The Philadelphia100® Forum runs this merit-based project exclusively to identify the fastest-growing, privately-held top 100 companies and honor them. The intrinsic selection process and the flawless final list make it an honor to be considered for the awards in Philly.

The list of previous winners, such as Mothers’ Work, Fiberlink, Urban Outfitters, Forman Mills, Kremer Laser Eye Center, and Primavera Systems, is a testament that the awards get handed out only to the finest enterprises from the region.

Our Strong Suits

We are all about technology. We combine business with cutting-edge technology to bring you the best IT solutions. We aim to become your most trusted IT partner by creating reliable IT strategies to help us grow our business together.

Business with Technology is the motto we believe in and operate on!

Our experienced team, led by our CIO and a veteran in the IT sector, Tim Wicks, envisions a technology-driven business world tailored for superlative growth. Whether using existing technology or making suggestions for improvement, we assure our clients their investment in technology is the best option for them, taking into consideration for security, growth, and value. We customize services according to our client’s needs, business types, and future goals, preparing them for any challenges they might encounter during their process execution.

We have had the privilege to collaborate with some of the biggest vendors in the industry, like Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, among others. Our services span financial services, healthcare, legal, retail, engineering, manufacturing, biotech/pharma, energy, non-profit, and government industries.

Our Principles

Hyopsys works on three fundamental spokes of futuristic strategy.


We study clients’ businesses, requirements, and targets and devise technology-based plans to give them the leading edge to expand and grow. We do not provide average, run-of-the-mill solutions to our patrons. We warrant the technology works to your best advantage while being secure and safe.

Hybrid Solutions

We give the best advice on choosing technology and using it to your advantage to bring out your best potential. Our tailored services empower businesses to take risks and expand ideas.


We can point you in the right direction when it comes to opportunities. Be it enhancing efficiency, optimizing cost savings, increasing security, or mitigating risks, trust us to be with you at every step to guide and nurture your business.

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Our Services

Connectivity Services

We ensure fast and secure connectivity solutions, including the Internet, mobile, and secure private lines.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Trust us to provide you with the best services in business security that meets regulatory demands.

IT Solutions

We combine cloud and premise-based information technology to create sublime tools for your IT needs.

Phone Systems

Whether voice over IP, unified communications, mobility, or contact centers, we got you covered for complete phone systems for your office.

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Summing It Up

If you are still deciding what technology to choose to optimize growth or want a unique, personalized technological strategy, we are the people for you. If you are from the Philadelphia area, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We ensure that technology gives your business the boost and direction to perform without worries, maximize growth potential and create a statement brand.