A Word from Tim Wicks: Your #1 Trusted IT Partner at Hyopsys, LLC

A Word from Tim Wicks: Your #1 Trusted IT Partner at Hyopsys, LLC

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As the CIO & President of Hyopsys LLC, I would like to personally welcome you to our newsletter! You will find the newsletter with pertinent news, company updates, and much more. Stay connected with us as we introduce new features that will benefit your company. Looking forward to limitless possibilities to empower your business growth and value.

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Has your password been exposed?
Learn about our new Dark Web monitoring system. Find out if your business passwords or information have been exposed.


We’ve Upgraded your Security!
Introducing our new feature! All Proactive Managed Customers were recently upgraded with DNS Endpoint Security as a part of our standard coverage. This was provided at no extra cost to you. This allows us to provide you additional security by blocking requests of known bad web sites before they attempt to get through the network or reach your computer. Data is being stolen, privacy is being invaded and companies are being hacked. This protects your valuable business much more.
Hyopsys is looking to continuously improve our total service offerings. It is clear that security is a multi-layered approach and we seek to offer as much as we can in our core Proactive system. There is much more your company can do to protect itself beyond our core Proactive plan. Give us a call or email today to learn more.

Don’t Be Another Data Breach!
Every week more and more companies are being breached and their customer data is being exposed. Become a part of the solution and protect your business and your customers from exposure. Here are just a few of the articles this week where completely avoidable breaches have resulted in the exposure of approximately half a million personal records. Read more at the following links.

Philadelphia-based healthcare organization Independence Blue Cross (IBC) acknowledged that it suffered a data breach on April 23, 2018. The firm disclosed that an independent employee uploaded patients’ personal health information (PHI) on a website that could be accessed by anyone. The data remained publicly exposed between April 23, 2018, and July 20, 2018. Read more with the link below.

Data Protection: Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans



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